Bersa thunder 380 slide problems

  • Bersa Thunder 380 Jamming Problems. ... down range with the wife's Thunder 380. ... it but if you stripped the 380 for cleaning you may have put the slide spring on ...
Re: trouble getting slide back on Bersa Thunder 380 after cleaning Does the disconnector/drawbar (part #28) move away from the frame and block the slide when you try to put it back on? Do you have the outside cut end of the recoil spring at 12:00 o'clock? Either one of those situations could cause difficulty putting the slide back on. Good luck.

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  • Based on another review, I purchased this holster for my Taurus MP145. It fits perfectly. It does make sitting in the car and in armed chairs a little uncomfortable, but the biggest problem I have is trying to get my belt through the loops. Because of the width of the holster, I have to capture a belt loop between the two loops on the holster.
  • Dec 03, 2012 · If you're going to look at a 9mm, check out the Bersa Thunder 9 Ultra Compact. Still easily concealed and absolutely reliable. Also, for about $150 bucks or so, you can convert it to .40 S&W Cal by purchasing a barrel, magazine, and slide from Eagle Imports.
  • At the range the Bersa Thunder 380 proved to be as fun to shoot as it was reliable. It sits straight down in the shooting hand without the sense of muzzle weight that some pistols exhibit.

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    May 07, 2018 · With that being said, the Bersa Thunder was built with a whole slew of safety features, including firing pin and manual thumb safeties, a mag disconnect, and an integral locking system. Overall, the 380 Thunder is a highly-concealable pistol that is not designed for everyone.

    The Bersa Thunder 380 is recommended for people who are new to guns or are looking for a small but dependable caliber. The concealable, lightweight Bersa Thunder 380 specs come with features that any gun owner would like to have in their concealed weapon. Read below to learn more about the specs, operability, shooting and ammunition, and some personal magazine recommendations.

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    May 25, 2018 · The Bersa Thunder 380 can handle nearly every situation anyone can get thrown into, even if you are a newbie. The smooth slide travel during the blowback action appears to be balanced. The smooth slide travel during the blowback action appears to be balanced.

    Reviews of Bersa Thunder 380 Pistol THUN380DT, 380 ACP, 3-1/2 inch, Polymer Grip, Duo-Tone Finish, 7 Rd BERSA/EAGLE IMPORTS 380 - 3-dot sight system - Combat style trigger guard - Extended Slide Release - Micro-poli

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    I've had a Bersa Thunder 380 for about 10 years and well over a 2k rounds of various brands of ammo, including handloads, Russian, Spanish, +P, LRN, TC, JHP, E-I-E-I-O, etc. I've plinked with it, shot it slow fire on 25 yard courses, and run it like I stole it on IDPA BUG stages. Problems? For me -- zilch. Nada.

    Apr 04, 2018 · The Bersa TPR handguns were released in February, and the changes they made from the long-standing Bersa Pro Thunder series of pistols are substantial. Bersa produced their TPR (Thunder Pro Redesign) pistols to be more sleek in the slide and the grip, while shortening the single action trigger pull to the shortest reset I have ever experienced on a semi-auto handgun.

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    The Bersa Thunder Plus has all the great features of the Thunder series firearms and includes a 15 round magazine. Throughout its history, the Thunder 380 model pistols have impressed anyone requiring concealment, accuracy and reliability. The 380 Plus’s alloy frame provides strength and superior balance - at a reduced weight.

    Item #: T22NKL: UPC: 091664900232: UPC Code: Description: BER THUNDER 22LR DA PST 10RD N: Brand: Bersa: Model: Thunder 22 Nickel: Type: Pistol: Semi-Auto

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    Nov 11, 2011 · There have been other reports of other Thunder 380s failing to feed and other trigger problems, but like this instance, they’re few and far between with the culprit being limp-wristing, crappy ...

    Took my Bersa to the range yesterday, along with my Heritage 22 Rough Rider, Heritage ran fine but the Bersa was a Jamomatic!!! I put 100 rounds thru it in four 8rnd mags (1 Bersa, 3 MecGar). 1 of the 4 had almost zero problems but the other 3 were driving me nuts, what I'm going to call failure to chamber a round.

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    Sep 02, 2020 · Bought the Bersa Thunder 380 for my wife because of the ease of manipulating the slide. Currently, my EDC is a S&W Bodyguard 380 because work attire is business casual and it slips in the front pocket but when I retire in the near future I will waist carry and its between my EMP 9mm and the Thunder.

    I recently purchased, new, a Bersa Thunder .380, the one with the 15rd. clip. Got a shoulder holster rig and a couple spare clips, too, figuring I'd be all set, as I have a small physical frame and can't conceal my .45 very well. Anyway. went out to shoot it for the first time the other day. I had to pull WAY back on the trigger before it would ...

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    Mar 16, 2008 · Your experience is uncommon. We have a Bersa Thunder 380 in our range rental case at CCA. It's got many thousands of rounds through it, and just keeps on ticking. Problems with these guns reported by customers have been very few, and they've been mostly about feeding certain ammo. I remember one that seemed to have a fatigued trigger return spring.

    Bersa Performance Pistol Parts by Galloway Precision. Stainless Guide Rods, Traction Grips, and Reduced Power Spring Kits.

Bersa Thunder 380 Concealed Carry Semi-Automatic Pistol 380 ACP 3.2" Barrel 8 Round Muddy Girl Grips/Black Frame Finish Bersa's Thunder .380 is ideal for personal protection and offers accuracy, re...
PPK vs Bersa Thunder I agree with the Bersa, I have both the Bersa Thunder .380 and also the Thunder .32. They both are reliable and accurate. I carry IWB (same holster fits both) loaded with either Hornady Critical Defense or Corbon Pwrball for the .380 and with Fiocchi 73gr FMJ in the .32 Bersa won't disappoint you.
I would avoid shooting reloads. Bersa, like many manufacturers will void your warranty if they find out your shooting reloads. I had loads of problems with my Thunder 380 plus and sent it back to Bersa. They sent me another gun and charged me nothing. Kudos to Bersa for the fine service.
The Bersa also has several models to choose from. The CC model is a slimmed down and dehorned 7 round version. the standard Thunder 380 with a couple finish combinations. And the Thunder deluxe witha double stack 15 round mag. I haven't held one of those to compare to the standard Bersa, but my Bersa Thunder 22 feels great in the hand.